Sandy Becker represents the Becker Family’s third generation of builders in Los Angeles. His Russian immigrant grandfather was putting up houses (including his own) and commercial structures in Hollywood as early as the 1920s, and his father developed housing tracts in the suburbs ringing the city.


That personal history shapes Sandy’s perspective on development in the region, fortifying his urbanist, smart-growth views. “My whole youth I saw my dad going farther out to find land to build tract homes for people, to Woodland Hills, Westlake, Redlands and Pomona,” he said. “I believe in coming back to the heart of Los Angeles, and building homes near transit lines, to help people live closer to their work.  I am proud to be part of the movement to bolster, beautify, and create a successful, functioning urban core in Los Angeles.”


Since founding Becker General Contractors in 1995, Sandy has worked with some of Los Angeles’ most notable contemporary architects, building innovative multi-family condo and loft developments in Hollywood, Santa Monica and West L.A.—projects that require a sharp eye for detail and an appreciation for the design premium that superior architectural projects demands. “My challenge is to absorb what is distinct about the architect’s intent; their structure, materials and unique features and impart that to every subcontractor we bring in.”


My background in “production building” makes my companies’ input in the “value engineering” stage of planning especially effective, says Becker.  He enjoys playing an active roll with developers and architects to discover design and materials resources that make everyone’s business plan succeed.


Becker General Contractors has also built many prominent commercial projects, including high-end office complexes, transforming industrial properties into cutting-edge creative spaces and retail outlets.  In particular, Becker General Contractors built the Innovative Artist Headquarters in Santa Monica, the Wilshire Renaissance Building in Brentwood, and the 2999 Overland Ave. in West L.A.


Growing up in North Hollywood, Sandy also studied acting and stagecraft, and he brings that creative collaborative mindset to each project Becker General endeavors.  Particularly in modern architectural projects, Sandy sees the role of a General Contractor as akin to an orchestra conductor. “We do not write the music, or necessarily play all the instrumental parts, but we have to conduct the proceedings so that all the parts are meshing and the results are harmonious,” declares Sandy.


Sandy and his wife, Ann Blanchard, an agent at CAA, live in Cheviot Hills with their two sons. When he’s not working, Sandy likes hiking, biking, dancing and finds time to coach his son’s baseball team.






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