uniFORM-ARC (Brett Davis)

Contemporary home, 4,000 square feet

Completed 2009


Developed by Sandy Becker and Ann Blanchard.

In this bold, bright, and beautiful modern home in the Cheviot Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, walls of glass doors disappear to merge the indoors and outdoors. Sliding wall panels seamlessly transformed public spaces into private ones. Sheet metal cladding, tropical hardwood, cement board siding, and stucco all wrapped around one another to create an exciting and attractive façade that was both environmentally sound and low maintenance.




Craig McMahon Architects

Façade renovation, 4,000 square feet

Completed 1997


This 1960s-vintage modern home in the hills of Brentwood got an exterior update that complemented its beautiful lines. Quartzite stone veneer with heavy ledge stones for accent created surfaces that change with the cycle of the sun.  The result was an architectural statement that embraces its past and yet is now timeless.





Exterior renovation of contemporary home, 3,000 square feet

Completed 2011


For the exterior update of this 1949 home (originally designed by S. Graham Latta), anthracite and cream colored cement board cladding was used to accentuate the bold new soffits, overhangs, and garage door, architecturally framing the redwood siding and defining the home’s overall form. Pecan shell blasting restored the beauty of the original redwood siding without damaging it. A driveway of circular pavers and Astroturf—water-permeable—were the finishing touch that brought this mid-century gem into the 21 century.





Elan Designs

Interior home renovation, 3,400 square feet

Completed 2012


Our first collaboration with Elan Designs was this complete interior makeover of a newly built contemporary home. The house had beautifully designed rooms, but indistinctive finishes. On a very economical budget, we created an exciting, comfortable living space with more drama and high functionality that perfectly suited the young professional owner.




Elan Designs

Interior remodel of high-rise condominium, 2,800 square feet

Completed 2012


A sleek collection of built-in cabinets, wall facades, and hidden lighting elements gave the interior of this condo a layered, architectural look throughout. Custom-built glass cases and floating shelves highlighted the owner’s collection of art objects.




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